Some gateways in our IL-DC are experiencing connectivity issues to AWS Wednesday 13th October 2021 14:44:17

Our team identified a network connectivity issue to AWS US-EAST 1 from our Israeli DC. We are working with AWS to understand the root cause of the issue and provide a solution. Existing Israeli customers with non-AWS tunnels aren't affected by the issue.

We were able to confirm that the issue was fully resolved for all Perimeter 81 users.

We are still seeing connectivity inconsistencies between AWS US East and our Israeli Data-Center. With that being said, most of our Global and Israeli customers are not experiencing any issues at the moment. The team is still working with AWS to fully address the issue.

AWS is now working on troubleshooting a potential routing issue that affects the Israeli Data-Center. We are pending an update from the team and will provide updates as soon as we get them from our vendor.

We are still working on a resolution with the AWS team. Both teams are addressing the issue.

Our team is working with the AWS engineering team to identify the root cause of the issue and provide a solution.