Some users may experience issues logging-in to the paltform Thursday 30th September 2021 14:26:22

We've received multiple reports about users that are facing issues with logging in to the Perimeter 81 platform. The team is looking into the reports in order to identify the root cause and impact.

Our team was able to resolve the issue and fully restore the functionality of the platform.

Our team was able to determine the root cause of the issue and we are now applying a fix. The service should be fully up and running within the next 20 minutes.

Our team has identified an issue with one of the certificates used by our platform. We are currently looking for the root cause and working on a fix. Logged-in users are not affected by the current issue.

Our team identified an issue with one of our Authentication Brokers (Auth0). This issue may affect users that are logged out of our platform and trying to log in. Users with a valid token are currently not affected by this issue. This issue is currently being addressed by our team and we are working on applying a fix and identifying the root cause.