Some users maybe experiencing issues with using the Perimeter 81 platform and logging-in Monday 27th September 2021 05:15:15

Amazon AWS is currently experiencing an outage in their US region. As a result, some Perimeter 81 users may experience difficulties and/or slowness in logging in to the platform. The issue affects the management console and the Perimeter 81 agents. Our teams are working closely with AWS to address the issue and restore functionality.

We have now confirmed that the issue was fully resolved and the system is fully functional. The team is working on a detailed RCA that will be shared with the affected customers.

Our team was able to verify that the services are coming back online and functionality should be restored. We are still monitoring the system to verify that we are back to normal.

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing an issue with the AWS-affected components. We are still working with AWS to restore functionality. Our second team is working on building an additional region and we are looking at it as plan-B in case AWS won't restore functionality in the near future. Both teams are working relentlessly on solving the issue for our customers and restore full functionality.

We are still trying to apply a fix or a bypass that will allow users to authenticate and log in to the platform. While AWS informed us that the issue is being slowly resolved on their end, we see that our authentication services are still severely affected. The team is in the process of applying a bypass on another region, however, as it requires significant changes to our infrastructure - we are still setting everything up.

Our team is still working on both paths - applying a bypass and working with AWS on addressing the outage. We understand the severe impact of the issue on some of our customers and addressing the issue with the utmost urgency. The team is on it and working hard on applying a remedy.

As the AWS resolution is still in progress, our teams are still working on a bypass to restore functionality.

In order to expedite the resolution of the issue, our team is now working on a bypass that will allow users to regain functionality while AWS is addressing the outage.