Some users are unable to login to Perimeter 81 Tuesday 20th April 2021 16:09:56

One of our Authentication Providers (Auth0) is experiencing technical difficulties which affect the ability of some of our users to log in to our platform. Our R&D teams are working alongside the provider in order to restore functionality.

We can confirm that the issue was resolved by Auth0 and functionality was restored.

We were able to confirm that users can now pass the authentication successfully and log in to the platform. The team is still monitoring Auth0's progress in restoring full functionality.

We are continuing to monitor Auth0's efforts on restoring services as quickly as possible. We understand that this is causing a significant impact on your business and doing everything we can to expedite the resolution.

Our Authentication Provider (Auth0) informed us that they have all their engineering team working to restore functionality. We are closely monitoring the progress of their teams and waiting for updates about the situation.

We were informed by our Authentication Provider (Auth0) that they are still investigating the issue and trying to identify and resolve the root cause.